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The Voopoo Drag x Review – A Great Mod For the Price

voopoo drag

The Voopoo Drag x Review – A Great Mod For the Price

The VoOPoo Drag is an incredible innovation in vaporizer technology. This new device combines two very useful and powerful features into one sleek and compact package. The Voopoo Drag is a tiny, double eighteen-650 regulated box which uses the new 32-bit ultra fast processors inside to bring advanced temperature and power management features to the market. Not only does this feature set the standard for vaporizers today, but it is also one of the most efficient and cost effective of any vaporizer currently on the market.

The Voopoo Drag comes complete with two pods – a base that has two holes (one each side). One of the sides of the base has an expandable ‘bulb’ pocket where the coils can be placed, for the easy expansion of your vapors. The other side of the base has a cutout for your finger, so you can push the button to slowly draw your herbs through your fingertips (much like a cigarette drag) and release to slowly draw your herbs out of the pod. This allows you to change the pressure and power you are drawing from your system. The two holes on each side of the base will adjust to the appropriate size of your finger, giving you ultimate power and control when making your vaporizing sessions more enjoyable.

With the two adjustment buttons on the side, you can start out slow to begin with and increase the power as needed. I think the two adjustment buttons are great for the inexperienced user. There is no need to be intimidated by such a handy little apparatus as the Voopoo Drag. It’s perfect for both smoking and steaming. The two adjustment buttons just give you the freedom to adjust power and speed. The side port allows you to quickly change from dry to wet methods of inhalation.

The mesh side tray helps protect the coils from heat damage. My only concern is that the color of the mesh may get dirty over time with heat. The front opening is small enough that your lips don’t get chapped, but if they do, then at least you won’t have that uncomfortable burning feeling. The fire button switches off the unit and also turns off the e-liquid. With such a lightweight and compact design, the Voopoo Drag can even be taken with you, on camping trips or hiking trips.

The Drag mod increases the wattage by allowing higher wattage coils to be used. While most users don’t go up the wattage, some do, because it produces a better flavor. You should always be careful when selecting a wattage for a coil. You don’t want to use the wrong wattage for a coil. For example, using a set amount of wattage that is too high for your coil will lead to a poorly made e-liquid.

Voopoo batteries are sold separately. The price list includes the Voopoo battery, the mounting plate, screws, crimping tool, and a silicone seal. As far as the mod goes, this can be one of the best selling products on the market today. Users rave about how easy and efficient the mod is. The user manual is very easy to follow and contains complete instructions.

A great feature of the Voopoo Drag is it has a stainless steel 510 stainless steel threaded connector. Some other stainless steel threads on the market don’t fit into the usb port of the Voopoo, which could make it difficult to charge your batteries or mod. Other than the color, there isn’t much to say about the product.

The e-liquid package comes with three separate parts. The first two go inside the stainless steel plate you can see through the hole in the lid. Next, the third part is the silicone seal which fits over the top of the silicone plug in the lid. You’ll also receive an instructional dosing packet and a pod bag with the mod. I would definitely recommend getting the voodoo drag x as a starter kit, especially for people just getting into the world of customizing and rebuilding atomized flavors like we do here at Vape Zeus.

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