How Does the eCig Work?

An electronic Cigarette is essentially an electronic device which simulates indoor smoking tobacco. It usually includes a battery, a power supply like a built-in battery or an external electric adapter, and a unit like a tank or cartridge. Instead of tobacco, the user also inhales nicotine. Like a cigarette, using an e- Cig is frequently described as “smokeless”. However, it is important to note that because an e-Cig is not a cigarette, it does not release any harmful chemicals into the air.


There are two major categories of e-Cigs: those which come flavored and those which are not. For many consumers, flavorings such as fruit, chocolate, or even bubblegum are appealing. Unfortunately, many companies have released products which do not meet the criteria set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some companies have been accused of releasing products which do not fall within the parameters set forth by the FDA, but which are then marketed as e-Cigs.

For example, e-Cigarette technology firm VapeLogic markets a product which they claim uses a patented lithium battery in order to produce vapor which closely resembles the taste and texture of conventional cigarettes. The company further goes on to state that their proprietary battery allows for a vaporizing chamber, which is what causes most of the difference between vaporizing chambers and conventional cigarettes. Essentially, because the lithium battery allows the chamber to function as an additional heating element, the chamber produces cigarette-like vapor which replicates the feel of smoking. Although it may be true that the VapeLogic product has a unique functioning compared to other products currently on the market, the claim is simply misleading.

The truth is that a traditional e- Cigarette will not generate vapor which closely matches that produced by a vaporizing chamber. In e-Cigarette technology terms, this is referred to as “cellular rechargeable battery technology.” What this means is that a cell phone, computer, or electronic book (in some cases) can be used to power a device, such as an e- Cig, that serves as both a vaporizer and a heater. The advantage to this type of e- Cig technology is that it allows users to use their devices at any time. Once switched on, the e- Cig device is charged using energy supplied by the lithium battery, rather than the conventional methods which rely on using electricity from mains sources. In this manner, the e- Cig user is able to enjoy their e- Cig, whether they are sitting at home, working at their desks, or traveling from one place to another.

Another e-Cig product which is being sold is called an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes differ from traditional cigarettes in that they do not contain any tobacco in their composition. Instead, these electronic cigarettes and their components, such as batteries, are made from safe, non-toxic materials that mimic the appearance and feel of traditional cigarettes. This is one reason that many smokers have begun to switch over to these electronic cigarettes – they are able to smoke just like they would a traditional cigarette, yet avoid the health risks associated with smoking in the traditional manner.

There is another product available on the market which is similar to an e- Cig in that it also has no tobacco in its composition, but does have its own unique feature – it can release its own nicotine into the air! This is a clever idea on the part of the company who designed this particular electronic Cig. In order to release the nicotine into the air, it uses what is known as a “tailsipper”. It is this that releases the nicotine into the air in small amounts, without harming those who are around the smoker. Since this device is not an electrical Cig, it does not risk the fires which often occur when an electrical Cig is used incorrectly.

As previously mentioned, the e-Cig works differently than the traditional cigarette when it comes to releasing nicotine. Although it is more difficult for the e-Cig to release its nicotine strength, it has been found that many heavy smokers who use the e-Cig to help them quit the habit find it extremely effective in helping them to stop. A lot of this has to do with the way how the e-Cig nicotine strength is adjusted by the user – if it is too low, then it will not be very effective; however, if it is too high, then the smoker may end up being unable to break the addiction to nicotine.

In order to stop smoking using the e-Cig, it is first necessary to realize that smoking is completely bad for you, both in terms of health and enjoyment. Therefore, before any user starts to smoke with any e-Cig, they need to make sure that they are prepared and set to quit. To do this, the smoker simply needs to put down the e-Cig, relax, and begin a process of thinking about everything that makes them hate smoking and then turn the e-Cig in reverse – this makes the user begin to think about smoking again, causing them to reach their goal of quitting. In addition, when trying to quit using the e-Cig, it is important to keep up a positive mindset and remind yourself that quitting is a hard process. It will take a lot of will power and lots of determination, but the end result is worth it.